Brocarga is always able to offer carbon neutral transports. We focus on keeping our business process simple and straight forward, and automize everything except personal contact.
Our main focus to offer carbon neutral transports within the circular economy, energy transition, and the food industry. Our partners make a cost-benefit analysis and trust us handling their freight management and day-to-day transportation inquiries.
The Brocarga team believesā€”as cargo transportation brokersā€”we gain on personal and social levels, by leaping the transportation market forward to become a more sustainable and environmental friendly industry.

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Freight Management

Decarbonizing the complete logistics inbound &Ā outbound flow with freight management outsourced to Brocarga. Our sustainable offer to outsource and manage all transportion flows, with zero carbon oxide offset.

Cargo Transportation Brokers

We automize everything except personal contact. Through our technologies we are able to keep our overhead minimized and work with a direct customer approach. Our transport brokers are the engine of forwarding vehicle.

Multimodal &Ā Road Transportation

Brocarga brings carbon Neutral transports within reach! Because we decarbonize all transports by planting treesā€”and therefore making costsā€”we will always look for the most sustainable modality of transportation.

We Understand the Urgency

Since the UNĀ introduced the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in 2015, the goals are more and more adopted to business life.
At Brocarga, our business precess is developed to support your SDGs. We take care of documentation &Ā evidence of Co2 neutral transportation.

Yearly we interview and assess our partners, to review their contribution to sustainable entrepreneurship, and hereupon we actively select our partners.

Decarbonized Transports per Industry

Carbon Neutral Transports

In the Brocarga office we work with a carbon neutral business process. Since the start of the company, we have assessed every partner we wanted to work with on their carbon footprint and interviewed them about their vision on sustainability. Unfortunately the infrastructure and the trucks are not there yet for the transportation companies to accomplish a 100% emission free fleet of trucks. We keep upmost track of industry progression on this topic, and the transportation companies are frequently interviewed to assess their strategy on the Sustainable Development Goals. Once a year we release an annual sustainability report.

Planting Trees

Even as currently the transports are not emission free, we provide the solution to transport carbon neutral. We achieve this by planting trees with certified organizations which are specialized in compensating CO2 emissions. Your transportation CO2 emissions will be compensated within 1 year, while the trees the following years keep reducing CO2. We calculate and compensate our total emissions monthly and provide you with a certificate of CO2 compensation.